Governor Elect Rick Scott Meets With Transition Teams

Governor-elect rick scott meets with transition teams the first appointments to his new administration. Marking what he termed “the end of business as usual in Florida’s Capitol,” Scott appointed two distinguished outsiders to lead his Administration. Col. Mike Prendergast (USA, Ret.), a proven leader and decorated public servant, will serve as Chief of Staff, and Mary Anne Carter, his long time, trusted senior policy adviser, will serve as Chief Adviser to the Governor. Continue reading

Governor-Elect Rick Scott Taps Nationally Recognized Education Leaders to Help Improve Florida’s Education System

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Calling the members of his latest transition team “Champions for Achievement,” Governor-elect Rick Scott announced an experienced and distinguished team of education experts, including nationally recognized education reformer, Michelle Rhee, to help him find innovative ways to create a new education system for a new economy. Continue reading